Moving the Eye


I think this is finally finished.
It has been through many phases and changes.


Red Towel
20 x 16 oil

I’m experimenting with moving the eye around a painting.
Here, the towels are the obvious focal point,
and the verticals and diagonals
bring you around the entire painting.
At least, that is what I’m after.

Accepting Chaos

I’m noticing that many of the artists
I’ve been exploring lately profess:
“Take risks!”
”Embrace Chaos”
“Your paintings will be richer when you struggle”
”It’s OK if it’s wrong”

Melinda Cootsona, Mark Daniel Nelson, Linda Christensen

February Favorite 12 x 9 oil

February Favorite 12 x 9 oil


I worked on this over a few sessions;
scraping things out, changing values,
and using different tools.
I find this way of working a bit scary,
yet exciting and engaging!

I like it when some of the painting’s
“history shows”.

Happy Valentines Day!


New Website and Blog Have Launched!

After many weeks of exploration, I have finally
upgraded my website and blog.

I can thank Susan Davis and SHD Marketing for all her tireless help!

I highly recommend her services;

she’s patient and kind with those who are not so technologically savvy!


I hope you continue to enjoy my posts
and let me know if you have any comments!

(This is a test run)

Works In Progress

 I have at least ten "works in progress" in my studio right now,
which is a totally new way of working. 

That said, I've been away from the studio for a while  so I couldn't wait to start something fresh today.  


 Today's WIP 

24 x 24 oil on canvas 

IMG_0521 (1).jpg

Here is the image I used for inspiration, turned upside down. 


The initial "lay-in";

Once I turned it right side up,I made a few adjustments and will now re-visit it when it's dry.

And after I've looked at it for a few days. 

IMG_0618 (1).jpg

This new approach is teaching me to  let things happen and "accept chaos" along the way. The biggest challenge is to prevent myself from over working it by "fixing it".
Will keep you posted. 


HI there, I've been thinking about kitchens as a subject lately,

(Probably because I spend so much time in them this time of year.)

I've had an image of my friend's kitchen 

in my files for some time

and finally got a chance to play with it.  

Donna’s Kitchen 12 x12 oil

Donna’s Kitchen 12 x12 oil


Small "Abstract" Watercolors

While watching the Pats game

I played with a small pad, marker and watercolors.

Trying to think abstractly 

I started with 5 shapes of varying sizes and color.

No reference.  


That didn't last long. 

This became the pizza we had during the game. 


This became an appetizer plate


And of course, a beach scene. 


It's funny how our brain reads shapes and 

we immediately identify them as something. 

I find it a challenge to think of 

just shapes and their relationships with each other. 

Finding My Voice

The final session of the online class I'm taking is "Finding Your Voice".

We've been gathering, compiling, and analyzing our personal visual influences; including paintings, as well as other art forms. It's been a revealing and eye-opening exercise.

I recently submitted these pieces to the Copley Society Holiday Small Works show, where I noticed a common thread in my work.

Corner View 14 x 14 oil

Corner View 14 x 14 oil

From Above 14 x 14 oil

From Above 14 x 14 oil

Sky Lit 14 x 14 oil

Sky Lit 14 x 14 oil

Cross Roads 10 x 8 oil

Cross Roads 10 x 8 oil

I clearly have a tendency toward a structural composition, with "geometric clarity."

Stay tuned!