I’ve been missing in action while I transition from summer to fall.
A change in the seasons always interupts my focus and work flow.
Yesterday I finally got around to doing the painting
from the collage I did last month.
(see previous post)

Jayne's Koi Pond.jpg

Jayne’s Koi Pond
10 x 10 oil on board

Admittedly, I did not use the collage as a reference
as it was too confusing!
I ended up referring to the original image.
I do think that doing the collage informed my paint application and
simplification of shapes.
I tried to keep the details to mere suggestions.

I’m re-thinking the plan for the one day workshop
I’m teaching at NRAS on Oct 5.


I’m pleased to say that the painting below
won an honorable mention last week
at the NRAS Members Show!

Hot Sunday .jpg

”Hot Sunday”
20 x 20 oil