The Evolution of a Painting


This painting is the last of a long line of studies
that have been in the works since last winter.
The subject intrigued me after my husband and I got a tour of a
recently opened spa nearby.
I was taken by the contrast of the neutral wall and the red bathing suits,
and wanted to capture the feeling of steam and excitement in the air.
(I made up the red wine)

Spa Day 10 x 10 oil on board

Spa Day 10 x 10 oil on board

Here’s one of the many initial sketches
including only two of the girls:


This larger 18 x 24 version
went through many changes throughout the winter
and eventually it just felt overworked,
so I put it away.


Another cropped version.
I thought the table and life saving ring were distracting.
18 x 18

spa day dquare.jpg

A close up to show the mark making.
I wanted the feeling of steamy bubbles !?

detail of spa day .jpg

I rarely explore a subject for so long,
so this was a challenging exercise.
I think I’ll leave it for now and see wait for a new subject to come along.
Happy Painting!