Works In Progress

 I have at least ten "works in progress" in my studio right now,
which is a totally new way of working. 

That said, I've been away from the studio for a while  so I couldn't wait to start something fresh today.  


 Today's WIP 

24 x 24 oil on canvas 

IMG_0521 (1).jpg

Here is the image I used for inspiration, turned upside down. 


The initial "lay-in";

Once I turned it right side up,I made a few adjustments and will now re-visit it when it's dry.

And after I've looked at it for a few days. 

IMG_0618 (1).jpg

This new approach is teaching me to  let things happen and "accept chaos" along the way. The biggest challenge is to prevent myself from over working it by "fixing it".
Will keep you posted.